freedomduck (freedomduck) wrote in ramblingwriters,

Assignment 14 - "Bomb Assignment"

Mike Mollett, of the Carma Bums, becomes something horrible and lives to tell about it in his poem "I Am the Bomb".
He tells us like it is - "Stop me sucker. You can't." and gives us the inside scoop on all of the horrible things he can do.

Your job is to become one of technology's great anti-heroes. I would like to say "inanimate object" here, but to call the Bomb 'inanimate' seems hopeless and foolish. Clearly, the term "orgasm" is no understatement. Perhaps Mollett chose to write about the bomb because it possesses such a life force of it's own. Try and locate one of the great animated beasts that technology has created and become that beast, then describe for us your true impact.
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