freedomduck (freedomduck) wrote in ramblingwriters,

Assignment #15 - "Fear, Fight, or Sublimate"

I'd like here to write about xenophobic attitudes and what the beats called a "square", but I'm not going to. I'm talking about the "outsider effect", and since everyone must feel like an outsider at some point or another, we're all able to write within the "write what you know" guideline.

The beats were outsiders. They fought fearlessly and sublimated their outsider status in everything they did.

In the poem, "The Threat", Fred Voss writes,
"Each day I will stand a rose in a jar of water
on the workbench behind my machine.
I want to really terrify my fellow workers
this time"

You are tough as nails, fearless, creative, willfull and naked. Let someone else wear the armor.

Your job is to observe others for now. Like William Burroughs, be invisible. Write about what scares people. What is a square? How does one sink into squarehood, and is there a way out?
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