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Assignment #18 - "Stolen Poems"

B.L. Kennedy gives us more than a poem, he gives us his life's example, and all he wants is some photocopies. When his stolen journal containing 33 poems turned up at an auction - the asking price was $10,000.

"Kennedy, 52, still is subsisting on the government assistance he receives for a heart condition. He had quadruple bypass surgery shortly after writing the journal.

Since then, he has published 23 books of poetry and organized poetry marathons, an annual tribute to Beat Generation icon Jack Kerouac and other literary events. But it doesn't pay the bills: Kennedy said he recently had $8 in the bank."

The rest of the story is here.

Your assignment is to write a poem:

1. Address the monetary value of poetry.

2. Include something about B.L. Kennedy

3. Write it on a piece of paper and leave it somewhere to be stolen.

(More information about B.L. Kennedy and a little of his work on this hall of fame site.)
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